Total Gym Cyclo Trainer

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Total Gym Cyclo Trainer


The Total Gym Cyclo Trainer is a revolutionary attachment for your Total Gym. Now you can take your cardio workout with the Total Gym to the next level! The Cyclo Trainer offers a variety of ways to train. Get a complete low impact workout in just minutes – great for cardio, abs, legs and butt. Attaches to any Total Gym Home Model. Includes: Your Total Training Guide DVD with 3 work-along programs, tips and techniques. Features adjustable pedal straps, digital monitor display with time, speed, distance and resistance level. 6 month warranty. Adds 32” to the bottom of your Total Gym. Shipping weight 34 lbs.

Boost your metabolism and burn more calories during and after your workout by adding the Cyclo Trainer to your Total Gym. Compatible with every model in the Total Gym line up, the Cyclo Trainer allows you to pedal your way to improved cardiovascular fitness while strengthening your legs, glutes, and abs with one simple piece of equipment. Designed to provide an effective workout with low stress on the joints, the Cyclo Trainer allows you to pedal in a reclined position, with your back fully supported by the Total Gym glide board. Designed to maximize your strength workout by adding in a cardio element, the Cyclo Trainer is a great option for warming up, burning calories, and building strength. Equipped with a digital monitor, the Cyclo Trainer allows you to track your time, speed, distance, and resistance level as you workout. The Cyclo Trainer comes with a Total Training Guide DVD that offers easy to follow instructions with tips and techniques for maximizing your workout with Total Gym trainers Rob Glick and Rosalie Brown.

The Cyclo Trainer provides a low joint-impact workout with full back support.

Cyclo Trainer Features and Specifications:

  • Attaches to ALL Total Gym models
  • Adds 32 inches to the bottom of your Total Gym
  • Adjustable pedal straps
  • Digital monitor display with: time, speed, distance, and resistance level
  • Display is battery operated display (included)
  • Six month warranty

Total Training Guide DVD Features:

  • Three work-along programs with Total Gym trainers Rob Glick and Rosalie Brown
  • Easy-to-follow instructions
  • Includes workout tips and techniques

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