Helix Commercial Lateral Aerobic Trainer

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Helix Commercial Lateral Aerobic Trainer

  • Sculpts hard-to-tone areas: butt plus inner and outer thighs due to working laterally instead of front to back.
  • Burn fat and condition aerobically while you tone. Alternates directions effortlessly: work in to tone inner thighs, out to tone outer thighs
  • Superb training for athletes: enables skiers, golfers and tennis players to improve at their sport
  • Electronic Programmable LED Computer control system with heart rate sensors. Self-Generating Power system. 120v not required.
  • Built for the rigors of the commercial environment of clubs and fitness centers.


The new Helix Club HLT3000 is the commercial version of the world’s first lateral aerobic trainer. The Helix delivers muscle sculpting results normally achieved only via weight training—all while conditioning the cardiovascular system and burning fat. Unlike conventional machines which work in a front-to-back plane, the Helix’s horizontal “figure eight” motion allows users to target traditionally hard-to-tone areas while burning fat, delivering unprecedented results. Most aerobic trainers simply work the front of the thighs (quads) and the back of the legs (hamstrings), but the Helix also simultaneously works the inner and outer thighs and glutes. Users can alternate direction and weight bearing position to target specific muscle groups. Superb for sports-specific training, especially tennis, skiing and golf. At a compact 42” x 37” footprint, the Helix is smaller than a treadmill. The HLT3000 has a programmable LED electronic computer and smooth electronic resistance. The Helix Club HLT3000 requires no A/C Power. Manufacturer’s Warranty 3 years Parts.

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